We offer a large range of mobile crane and access equipment outrigger pads to ensure your equipment has secure footing. Available in many sizes for use across all sectors, our products are built to withstand years of wear and tear, even in the harshest environments.

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What are Outrigger Pads?

An outrigger pad is a solid block of engineered material used to distribute the weight of the equipment over a greater surface area. When used correctly, outrigger pads can help to avoid incidents caused outriggers sinking in to the ground. Many industry bodies such as Worksafe, recommend the use of Outrigger pads as best practice for the safe use of machines such as cranes and mobile elevated work platforms (EWPs).

The highest quality outrigger pads are made from a high grade engineering plastic called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. A sign of the quality is the density of the materiel used. Outrigger Pads Australia’s products all weigh 950kg per cubic meter.

Unlike other materials such as wood or metal, poly crane outrigger pads have the added benefits of not rotting or rusting and being water repellent.

Round 400mm Outrigger Pad
Round 400mm Outrigger Pad
800mm Square Outrigger Pad with dual handles.
800mm Square Outrigger Pad with dual handles.

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We’re holding a large range of outrigger pad shapes and sizes in stock at our Melbourne warehouse. This is how almost all orders can be despatched on the same business day.

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From spider lifts to large cranes and all mobile plant in between, we’re confident we’ll have the Outrigger Pad to suit your application.